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Fallen Angel (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#fauxfur #winter #tedbaker #forevernew #petite #chic #classic #pink #grey #black #ootd #outfitpost

Fallen Angel (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#fauxfur #winter #tedbaker #forevernew #petite #chic #classic #pink #grey #black #ootd #outfitpost



July seems to be the winter month, it’s been extremely cold and so I’ve been hibernating under lots of blankets and a heater. (As I write this, I think of all those less privilege so my prayers go out to them). With winter, we know that the fashion basics are faux fur, trench coats, boots, skorts, stockings, gloves, fendora hats and snoods as well as trackpants and sweaters. Trying a range of these throughout winter is perfect to beat the cold yet look fashionista perfect. My basics this winter is bodysuit and leggings and then I build up my daily outfit from there. Layering is known in winter, so the basic tee and bottom part is essential and from there, outfit of the day can be built. (My style tip)

Well the main attraction of this post is faux fur. The above post is of the cropped fur jacket, it’s most great to team it up with high-waisted pants, jeans or skirts, I however went with the leggings for comfort reasons. I’m not quite a fur person, but I will prove a few different fur options. The oversized faux fur like the Olsen sisters, channels your bohemian soul and you can style it by keeping the undergarments subtle and add boots and jewels and a skinny jeans or pants to give the right balance. If you a newbie to the faux fur trend, you could try the vest fur, the vests usually have zips so it can be worn open or closed, so you can team it up with a dress or with the casual look of jeans, t-shirt and ankle boots. I remember seeing Edgar’s having the new trend of multicolored faux fur, whereby the fur is dyed a specific color. Multicolor fur jackets are a great way to incorporate color into a neutral outfit like a basic full black leggings and t-shirt. For those like me, whom can’t deal with so much faux fur, there is options of scarves and bags. Still being on trend, the lighter options are available. You can style the scarf over a leather jacket or wool jersey. You can rock a fur charm on your bag as well. Remember accessories always is a good way to ease in a trend, especially with the faux fur as it will update your look according to the latest winter trend.
So from faux fur jackets to the bag charms there are options to keep you on trend but an important tip is to only balance one fur item in your outfit look.

My outfit:

my faux fur cropped jacket is from Forever New

my leggings are from Truworths

my pumps are Ted Bakers

my collar shirt is from YDE

my handbag is from is Forever New

my necklace is from Truworths

Hope you all have a good week ahead.
Love always,

Blue Horizon (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#knitwear #blue #navy #tan #chinos #winter #preggyfashion #ootd #streetwear #chic #petite

Blue Horizon (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#knitwear #blue #navy #tan #chinos #winter #preggyfashion #ootd #streetwear #chic #petite



I promise I am not wearing blue cause I’m having a little man. Eeek! Yes we having a little man so I’m trying to familiarize myself with all things boys. I must admit, in the beginning times I did think having a boy would be so dull because of the fashion but looking at a few stores namely (my favorite) earth child, cotton on and Zara kids, I have loads of ideas on dressing up my son when he arrives, which by the way seems to be taking so long cause I would just like to meet him already. So for any of you mom bloggers, have a look at those stores for fashion vibes for your little man. But I decided to try a different color from black, putting blue, navy and tan together seemed like a pretty rad choice. I also seem to be getting a hold of this preggy fashion, I am lucky enough to be 6 months pregnant and just moved one or two sizes up from my usual size (although I must admit I did put on a few kilos). Especially winter, I just bought the basic jersey colors and leggings and a trench coat or two.

Knitwear is the topic for this winter blog post. Even though it’s cold this time of the year, we should never forget out fashion. For us fashionable women, although we don’t want to be cold we still want to be stylish. Thank the angels for jersey knitwear, from different colors to variety of patterns and bling and added stylish cuts to the knitwear always adding that extra bonus to the winter look. Knitwear can be woren alone or even with a blouse underneath with the collar out and an added statement chain. Knitwear caters for everyone’s taste, from open gap jerseys to show underneath top to close-knit jersey. It suits just about every kind of woman.

My ootd was a blend of baby blue color and a navy color and added the basic tan look of matching shoes and bag. This jersey is actually a crop-top jersey effect so I took two sizes bigger to cover the tummy, added chino pants and tan shoe with tan sling bag and to finish the look an added statement chain.

My outfit:

my chino pants is from Truworths

my knitwear jersey is from Forever New

my shoes are from Forever New

my bag is from Accessorize

my statement chain is from Forever New

(My sunglasses are Raybans, Sunglass Hut)

Have a great week everybody
Love always,

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Shades Of Cool (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#sport #luxe #jogger #simple #comfy #ootd #streetwear #winter #outfitoftheday #sportluxe

Shades Of Cool (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#sport #luxe #jogger #simple #comfy #ootd #streetwear #winter #outfitoftheday #sportluxe



Who would’ve thought that sporty clothes would trend? Defiantly not me. I was a fan of sports clothing in my childhood as I was the only child for about 9 years, so I would insist on dressing up exactly as my dad would. So every day a track suit was in order. (Yes, I was no baby fashion blogger, I was a tomboy) So as I have noticed, sport clothing are trending, from summer into winter from cropped jerseys to varsity sports jackets and my favorite being the dress up joggers. Everyone knows that a pair of track pants are the most comfortable item in the closet and now a miracle has occurred that it can be trendy to even style your jogger and look runaway ready on the streets. This trend so drastically fabulous that fashion icons even style their joggers with heels. The thing about sport luxe clothing is that it’s flexible, flattering and something everyone seeks, it’s comfortable. The best thing however is that you do not need to be a sports person to try this trend. It’s a rather simple put together outfit.

Some tips for sport luxe would be that you do not need to be color-coordinated, majority of the look pieces needs to have a sporty vibe and simple is better.

my outfit:

my joggers are from Truworths Basix

my bodysuit is from Forever New

my jacket is from YDE

my all stars Chuck Taylor’s are from Shesha

my sunglasses are Raybans from Sunglass Hut

Hope you have a fabulous week and weekend ahead

Love always,

Bundle Of Joy (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#vintage #chic #bohemian #winter #nature #shiftdress #hairaccessorie #brogues #ootd #life

Bundle Of Joy (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#vintage #chic #bohemian #winter #nature #shiftdress #hairaccessorie #brogues #ootd #life



So after revealing the BIG NEWS on Instagram, I am so overwhelmed with joy how everyone reacted in such a loving and supportive manner. This is one of the greatest journey paths I am walking in my lifetime and though there was surprises and ups&downs (every situation has those), I just can’t wait to give life to my little human and to protect and love him but to also be his personal stylist. Falling in love with my little human without even seeing him is what I define as unconditional love, I couldn’t wake up another day if he wasn’t in the picture. We already created such an unique and strong bond, so I feel like I’m the type who is probably going to be emotional the last day of my pregnancy because all these months and months to follow having him in my tummy makes him all mine ( yes me and Vee argue over this) and the day his born I will have to share him with the world. Our little human is expected in the beginning of October, making him my bestest birthday gift this year.

One challenging part of my pregnancy thus far is my fashion. Being a very skinny petite girl, I had to change my sizes of clothing because out of nowhere I gained an interest in food and with that came kilos. I opted out of maternity clothes ( I find them hideous) and preferred to rather buy a size or two bigger. However not all trends are ideal for pregnancy because of the risk of squashing baby and clothes being too tight, yes my father has been on my case about my dressing. So with caution I do try to be trendy without risking any damage to my little man. Comfort is key in pregnancy if that’s a note of advice I should give to preggy mami out there in the fashion world.

Well a little summary about my outfit, I love Peter Pan collar trends whether it be blouses or dresses and I love the shift dress so the two trends together made this dress a definate must have for me. The shift dress has become a timeless silhouette. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and can be adapted to wear in any season. The various fabrics and accessories that come with the shift dress makes it very versatile. I recommend shift dresses for expecting mothers because it’s fashionable, comfortable, no restriction on the belly and it can be worn casual or formal, in winter or summer. I went a little bohemian as it was my day look, so a knitted beanie and brogues added to the dress and I was fashion fit to go out.

my outfit:

my dress is from Zara

my beanie is from Woolworths

my brogues are from Aldo

my aviators are from Rayban at Sunglass Hut

my watch is from Guess

Have a great weekend

Love always, Nishlene

Endless Love (by Nishlene Mahadeo)#monochrome #winterfashion #black #white #cardigan #leather #legging&top #bag #bandana #retro #grudge #free

Endless Love (by Nishlene Mahadeo)

#monochrome #winterfashion #black #white #cardigan #leather #legging&top #bag #bandana #retro #grudge #free



Hope you all well & studying very hard for the exams that are ahead of us. With winter coming in, it makes it firstly very hard to get out of bed and secondly very hard to study as all I crave is my bed and the warmth it can bring me. I would just like to wish everyone GOODLUCK with your exams and stay focused.

My post today is monochrome, a trend that will timeless every year &every season. So with knitwear as everyone crush this winter (basically every winter) I matched up my outfit with this chunky wool long length cardigan. I usually prefer these cardigans with dresses but I was in the emo mood so I wore it with leggings. Cardigans are open in the front long sleeve jerseys which gives access to a full outfit underneath or the option of belting it up with a simple thin belt. It comes in varies colors and designs but for me, i love the plain solid colors or patterns. I love cardigans cause it gives the feel of vintage/bohemian style and it also shows off your outfit, keeping you on trend and extremely warm.

I paired my cardigan up with my leather designed leggings and a simple plain white t-shirt with simple leather design patches on the top (see in photo) and my espradilles which pulled the monochrome together in one. Held my hair down with a bandana and I was good to go!

my outfit:

my t-shirt is from Cotton On

my leggings is from Cotton On

my cardigan is from Cotton On

my bandana is from Sass Diva

my bag is from Guess

my shoes are from Chanel

Hope you all well, couple more weeks till my big news!!! Stay safe &warm. See you on insta :)

Love Nishlene